Unable to access hosting services including website, e-mails and cpanel

Unable to access hosting services including website, e-mails and cpanel

This can be caused by a number of reasons. First we will need to identify if your hosting is offline or if you are unable to access your hosting.

How do I identify if my hosting account is offline or online?

To do this you will need to go to http://isitup.org/ Just type in your domain name and it will tell you if your website is online or offline.

My Hosting account is offline. Why am I unable to access my hosting?

If it is offline then please contact us in regards to restoring your hosting account. You can do this by sending an e-mail to support@hostgeek.com.au. Please make sure to include your account username and domain name for your hosting account as well as screenshot of the error you get when you try and access your hosting.

My Hosting account is online. Why am I unable to access my hosting?

If it is online then it is only affecting your connection to your hosting and not other visitors to your website. The most common cause of this is your IP address has been blocked by our firewall. If your IP address has been blocked you will not be able to connect to your hosting from any computers that use the same internet connection. However you will still be able to access your hosting from a different internet connection.

Why has my IP address been blocked by the firewall?

As a security measure our firewall will block your IP address if you have a few failed login attempts trying to log into your hosting account within a short period of time. This protects your hosting from hackers trying to guess your login password. This includes all methods of logins for your hosting including cPanel and e-mail accounts.

You will need to confirm you are using the correct login details for your e-mail accounts before opening an e-mail program such as outlook which attempts to login regularly onto your hosting and can easily cause your IP address to be blocked if using an incorrect password.

How do I get my IP address unblocked?

Please read this article on unblocking an IP Address.

I am unsure of my IP address. How do I find this information?

If you’re unsure of your IP address just Google search "What is my IP address?" and your public IP address will be displayed.

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