Brute Force Attempt error when logging into cPanel

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When trying to log into cPanel the following error is displayed

"This account is currently locked out because a brute force attempt was detected. Please wait 10 minutes and try again. Attempting to login again will only increase this delay."

When does this error occur?

The error occurs when your account has had a certain number of failed login attempts within a short time frame.

Why did this error occur?

This is a security feature that prevents malicious forces from trying to access the server’s services by guessing the login password for that service. When an account on the system has experienced too many failed login attempts, the particular account will automatically been “protected” by forbidding further login attempts. Further failed login attempts will increase the time your account has been locked out and can cause IP address to be blocked which will prevent any access to your hosting account including e-mail services and access to your website.

How do I unlock my account and gain access to my control panel?

To fix this issue either wait until your account has been unlocked (Do not try to login again during this time as further attempts will increase the lockout time) or send us an e-mail to with your account username, domain name for your hosting account and your IP address and we will unlock your account.

I am unsure of my IP address. How do I find this information?

If you're unsure of your IP address just navigate your browser to and this will display your IP address.

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